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2022 Organic

White wine produced like a red wine, macerated with the skins, without added sulphites or yeasts.  It is a free wine, with minimal intervention. It is also a memory of our ancestors, a wine like our grandparents made, natural, authentic, a festival of aromas, flavors, sensations that do not leave indifferent. A wine of history and knowledge.


100 % Xarel·lo


Alcohol (% vol): 11,55

Total Acidity (g/l): 3,40

Volatile Acidity (g/l): 0,63

Sugar (g/l): 0,30

SO2 (mg/l): 02/90

pH: 3,36

Tasting note

COLOUR: Old gold-copper yellow withes hints of Orange,  color with marked tears.

AROMAS: Marked and clean aromas of grape skin, ripe white fruits (apricot, vineyard peach) and typical varietal notes of a vegetable type such as dry straw, dry flower, moist moss, chamomile flower, citrus peel and dry mushroom .

IN THE MOUTH: Smooth entry into the mouth while enhanced by the tannins of the grape skin, which evolves into a more structured wine at the end of the palate, bitter point on the tongue that provides slight freshness, grape skin, medium-long aftertaste, and final aftertaste markedly saline (dried seaweed) and orange peel.

Organic Wine

This label guarantees that this wine has been produced following the rules of organic farming, which has been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and commercialization.

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