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The territory


The Alt Penedès, a territory protected by the mountain of Montserrat, has a typically Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters which are ideal for the farming of vineyards. Some archaeological remains found in this area show that the Phoenicians and the Romans already farmed vineyards here. In general calcareous clay soils are abundant in this region, although some plots are rich in sandstone. The soil here is poor in organic matter. Nevertheless, the relief and orientation determine the personality of each plot.

In Parató we know that a good wine is created in the vineyard. Only the best grapes will be used to produce our wines and cavas. We carry out organic agriculture in all of our estates.

Can Campmany [36 Ha]


Located in Guardiola de Font-rubí.36 hectares. It is our first estate in the Penedès. Due to the characteristics of its soil, here we farm the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Ull de Llebre red varieties. These plots are gently sloped, slightly deep, not very fertile, and south-west faced.

La Fanga [15 Ha]


A 15-hectares-plot located in Guardiola de Font-rubí. Calcareous clay soils, deep, fertile and north-east faced. In their low part they are delimited by the Riera del Romaní (a stream) and its forest. Here we farm the Parellada, Ull de Llebre and Samsó varieties.

Can Respall [33 Ha]


Located in El Pla del Penedès. 33 hectares.In this estate, around the family’s country house (“Can Respall de Renardes”) and our cellar, is where the Winery was built. Its 22 plots, medium in terms of fertility and with gentle slopes, are ideal for farming the Macabeu, Xarel·lo, Parellada and Chardonnay white varieties.

Camp Nou [10 Ha]


10 hectare plot located in the municipality of Torrelavit. Here we only farm the Macabeu variety with vines planted in 1962.

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