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The roots of “Cal Parató” are to be found in Barcelona, in the neighbourhood of Sants. In the 17th century, the Elias family started farming vineyards in the slope of the mountain of Montjuïc and in some plains that were in an area called “La Marina de Sants”. The family had a press at home which allowed them to produce wine that was sold by the litre around the neighbourhood. The Spanish Civil War put an end to this tradition.


The Penedès


The heir to the family estate, Josep Elias Andreu, recovered the winemaking tradition of the family in 1975 when he founded the company Parató Vinícola. Later he bought a total of 94 hectares of farm with vineyards at the heart of the region of the Alt Penedès, and he built the current winery in 1977. 



The present


The four siblings Josep, Montse, Esther and Jordi Elias Terns carry on with the old winemaking tradition, insisting on the principles that have always ruled over our family: “to produce wine and cava of the best quality, only and exclusively with the grapes we grow”.

Josep Elias Anglí

Josep Elias Andreu

Los cuatro hermanos Elias Terns

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