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PINOT NOIR ROSÉ 2023 Organic

100% Pinot Noir. Exceptional varietal wine that offers an explosion of intense aromas and  flavours of  red fruits. Delicate, funny, evocative and elegant, its taste will not leave us indifferent. Many possibilities of pairing: from appetizers, salads, pasta, rice fish and soft meat.


100% Pinot Noir




the paste of pressed grapes is macerated for 2 hours at 12ºC.


after the previous step the must is bled and statically filtered at 15ºC for 48 hours.


for 22 days at a temperature of 15ºC.


Alcohol (% vol): 12'65

ATT (g/l): 5,99 tartaric acid

AVR (g/l): 0,15 acetic acid

Sugar (g/l): 0,50 glucose+fructose

SO2 (mg/l): 32/84

pH: 3,19

Tasting note

COLOUR: Strawberry-rose petal pink color of medium-high intensity, bright, blue-yellow trim with powerful tears.

AROMAS: Subtle varietal aromas mixed with fermentative aromas, with fresh fruity hints (sour strawberry, cherry), white stone fruit (peach) and refreshing balsamic-vegetable background (menthol, pine leaf).

IN THE MOUTH: Fresh and structured entry into the mouth, marked varietal memory of creamy and slightly sweet sensation; fine citric acidity with long and refreshing fruity aftertaste due to the presence of resinous balsamic notes and slightly milky aftertaste.

Organic Wine

This label guarantees that this wine has been produced following the rules of organic farming, which has been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and commercialization.

Gold Medal-XXV Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya-GIROVI 2020

Bronze Medal-53º Competition of wine DO.Penedés.

Silver Medal-XXIV Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya-GIROVI 2019

Gold Medal-XXIII Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya-GIROVI 2018

Bronze Medal-Competition of wine from Catalunya-VINARI 2015


Diploma of Excellence-48º Competition of wine DO.Penedés.

Bronze Medal-XVIII Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya-GIROVI 2013

1st. Spanish Rosé-Competition: “La Nariz de Oro 2011”

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