RED 2017 Organic

A wine with commitment, multi-purpose, gentle, subtly finished in oak casks. Well structured but kind in its taste, with predominating aromas and tastes of red fruits. A good combination with white and red meats, cold cuts and sausages but above all with pasta and certain fish.


Mostly Ull de Llebre, old vineyards, with some part of  Cabernet Sauvignon and a touch of  Samsó.

Maceration & Fermentation

during 10-18 days between 24 i 27ºC according to he variety with 3 daily assembly to the end of the alcoholic fermentation.


ageing is done in American and French oak casks for approximately 3 months during which malolactic fermentation takes place.



Alcohol (% vol): 13,40

Residual Sugar (g/l): 1,40

Total Acidity (g/l): 3,30

SO2 (mg/L): 29/89

Volatile Acidity(g/l): 0,34

pH: 3,57

Tasting Note

COLOUR: Ruby red in colour of a medium to high intensity, maroon-red rim, with a strong and heavy tear.

AROMAS: Aromatic complexity where initially tertiary notes appear derived from the passing of the wine in the barrel (smoke, damp charcoal, cigar box, tea leaves and tobacco), opening up with airing to ripe fruity nuances (black current, prunes and jam) and with a balsamic ending (pine resin).

IN THE MOUTH: Entry in the mouth strong and structured medium tannin, warm and with the presence of soft tannins, lengthy retro-taste; ending with a sweet nature with a fruity and fresh reminder.

Organic Wine

This label guarantees that this wine has been produced following the rules of organic farming, which has been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and commercialization.

Commended Winner: Concours International Challenge - UK 2020

(harvest 2017).

Silver Medal: XXII Competition Vins i Caves de Catalonia -GIROVI 2017

(harvest 2015).

Bronze Medal: XXI  Competition Vins i Caves de Catalonia -GIROVI 2016

(harvest 2014).


Gold Medal: XIX  Competition Vins i Caves de Catalonia - GIROVI 2014.

(harvest 2012).


Silver Medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 (harvest 2011).

Gold Medal: International Wine Challenge - AWC Vienna (harvest 2011).

Organic Wine

All our wines are made with grapes from our vineyards in conversion to organic farming.