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2021 Organic

Complexity: 3 varieties of grapes fermented in three different types of oak. The aim of this wine is enjoying the fruit combined with the wood. It will develop favourably in the next 2-3 years. Ideal with pasta, rice, grilled vegetables and fish stews with some consistency.



76% Xarel·lo

12% Macabeo
12% Chardonnay


Xarel·lo:  16/09-18/09/2021

Macabeo:           20/08/2021
Chardonnay:       12/08/2021

Static clarification of the must by flotation.


of the must to Tª controlled between 14-17ºC during 14-18 days, end of alcoholic fermentation in 300 liters French, American and Acacia oak barrels.



Later aging of 4 months with battonage on lies up to 3 times per week where partially performs mal-lactic fermentation.


Alcohol (% vol): 12'50

ATT (g/l): 6,49 tartaric acid

AVR (g/l): 0,21 acetic acid

Sugar (g/l): 0,40 glucose+fructose

SO2 (mg/l): 27/87

pH: 3,26


COLOUR: Dry straw yellow color and oily, shiny gold-walnut reflections and powerful, dense tears.


AROMAS: Powerful aromatic notes, with a dominant presence of tertiary notes that range from balsamic notes (pine resin), liquor notes (malt distillates), toast from the barrel and ending with a floral presence (chamimile), ripe caramelized fruit and dried vegetables (mushroom, dry straw).

IN THE MOUTH: Entry into the mouth with personality and complexity, creamy and with a medium-high structure, marked by earthy, mineral and wood-derived sensations (calcareous, wet embers, toasted), long aftertaste (fruits in liqueur) and aftertaste that again recalls certain notes of aged whiskeys.

Organic Wine

This label guarantees that this wine has been produced following the rules of organic farming, which has been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and commercialization.

Silver Medal-XXIX Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya - GIROVI 2024

Great Gold Medal-XXV Competition of wine and cava from Catalunya - GIROVI 2020

Gold Medal-53º Competition of wine DO.Penedés 2019


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