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Exceptional varietal wine fruit of the cultivation "of a single parcel” of Pinot Noir, planted in 1978 in our state Can Campmany, in a single clay lime soil very poor. This wine is soft but structured, where you can find are all the fruitiness of this noble variety. Its aging in oak barrels is less than one year, to give hints of wood and refine it. It is ideal to accompany soft meat dishes and stews and roasts.



100% Pinot Noir




During 10 days at 25ºC


During 10 days at 25ºC. Afterwards,
malolactic fermentation in barrels.


Ageing in oak barrel during 10 months (64% American oak, 27% French oak and 9% Hungarian oak). Once the coupage is done, the wine ages in tanks for 4 months until we bottle it.


Alcohol (% vol): 14'15

Sugar (g/l): 4,15

Total acidity (g/l): 3,65

SO2 (mg/l): 27/80

Volatile acidity (g/l): 0,64

pH: 3,54

Tasting note

COLOUR: Ruby-red eggplant colour, mild iodine reflex, tears fall thick and slow.

AROMAS: Marked third complex aromas, with notes of roasted domain (cocoa powder, smoked, dried fruits), spicy  and mineral (coal damp) to fund black fruit (plum liqueur, olives).

IN THE MOUTH: In mouth denotes dense feeling, balanced alcohol-acidity, polished tannins and predominance of balsamic notes (resin), the spicy finish (sweet pepper) and warm aftertaste.

Guia Peñin  2016: 86 pts.

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